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Over the ages human beings and animals were inseparable companions. It would have been impossible for our civilization to thrive without the support of the other species. From the hunting dogs of the first huntsmen to the horses and the beasts of burden of the late 19th century. Our ancestors had great respect for animals because they knew it would not be possible to sustain their activities without them. Since the Industrial Revolution, we have lost our reverence for all other species, because, wrongly, we think that we could manage our society and business without taking into consideration their needs. Of course, contemporary farmers are not using oxen but machines. Nevertheless, we all depend on the natural processes of our home planet and they are inseverably connected with the well-being of animals and with the preservation of biodiversity.

However, the problem is not only of economical or ecological but of moral nature. All species on that planet have the same right to live here. There is no excuse for us and our great ideals if we cause the death of millions of animals daily or if we endanger the welfare of our only home – the Earth. Actually, at least at one thing animals behave way more intelligently than us – they live sustainably. Maybe we could learn something from them instead of treat them as inferiors. In this year’s edition of SGEM GeoConference – Sessions “Green Sciences for Green Life”, we will create a forum for Human-Animal Studies, in order to draw the attention of the scientific society on that pressing issue. We believe that our society should reconsider the way it treats animals, that is time to grow up and extend our moral values, not only over all the people but over all the living beings on our planet.   

• Animal science and biotechnology
• Animal genetics and breeding
• Animal reproduction, physiology and anatomy
• Animal nutrition and biochemistry
• Exotic Medicine and Surgery
• Rural Animal Health Management
• Large Animal Emergency and Critical Care
• Poultry Production
• Veterinary care & management
• Human-Animal Interaction and Relationships
• Wild animals. Life management, fishery and aquaculture
• Animal husbandry. Zoology
• Animal health, production animal welfare and animal care
• Animal transportation and Humane slaughter
• Fundamental Veterinary Medicine
• Clinical Veterinary Medicine
• Animal production, public health and food quality control
• Education in Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Vienna – the epitome of Christmas’ traditional celebrating –
will be once again the host of our annual
SGEM Green GeoConference.
Less than two weeks before the holidays, we will gather and co-operate in order to share the latest development and achievement in the fields of green sciences and sustainable technologies.

Come and join the double experience of being part of one of the biggest scientific forums as well as spending exceptional moments in the top Christmas destination.