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"Saved Spaces"

by Prof. Bogusława Bortnik-Morajda
Painting Exhibition (canvas, gold, acrylic, oil, mixed)
6 - 8 December, 2022

Prof. Bogusława Bortnik-Morajda
Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland

"I want to create a sense of concern for the contemporary world.
It is a concern about the disappearance of the beauty of the world, about the growing dangers and the need to protect oneself against them..."


She works in painting and drawing, creates installations and objects, as well as designs interiors and gardens.

She participated in several dozen solo and group art exhibitions in Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Australia and Bulgaria.

Her artworks are in the collection of the National Museum in Geneva as well as private collections in the United States, Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and Poland.

  • 1988 Graduates with honours from the Academy of Fine Arts (AFA) in Krakow, main field of study: Painting
  • 1996 Receives a doctorate in Visual Arts, in the artistic discipline of Painting
  • 1998 Is appointed as Assistant Professor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow
  • 1998 — 2001 Joint Head of the Painting and Drawing Studio for first-year students at the Faculty of Painting of AFA in Krakow
  • 2001 — present Head of the Drawing Studio at the Faculty of Painting of AFA in Krakow
  • 2008 Receives a degree of ‘Habilitated Doctor’ (a postdoctoral qualification) of Visual Arts in the field of Fine Arts
  • 2012 Is appointed as Associate Professor of the Academy of Fine arts in Krakow 2018 Issued a monography „Light of the Sky”
  • 2019 Receives the title of full professor in the discipline of Fine Arts



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