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Speaker's Guidelines

ORAL Presentations

  Please, be at the SGEM Conference Hall at least 15 minutes before the start of the session;
  Get acquainted with the SGEM Programme, but always before start, check the day session programme - some changes could occur;
  Presentation time for ORAL presentation is 10 minutes + 5 min for questions from the audience;
  The main goal of your oral presentation is to get the audience interested in your work;
  All presentations have to be made in English language;
   Speak slowly, use short sentences;
  The presentation has to be prepared in Power Point format (or other self-executive multimedia);
  To make your oral presentation more effective it may be structured as follow:
  • outline of main points (one slide at the beginning in the form of a table of contents);
  • introduction (demonstrate the importance of the topic);
  • details of main points in the research (limit the number of points you make, be clear when you are switching to a new point);
  • conclusion (a summary of your main points).
  Use max. 1-2 slides per minute of your presentation, and 4-5 points per slide;
  Use clear titles, use graphs and figures rather than just words;
  Use enough large fonts so that the presentation will be readable from a distance;
  Speakers are kindly asked to use the available in the Conference hall Laptop;
  Only PowerPoint presentations on a CD-ROM/DVD or a USB Memory stick will be accepted;


We kindly ask every Speaker to upload his PowerPoint presentation on the conference laptop at least one day before his speech and check it out. It is recommended to upload your presentations after the end of the afternoon session, in order not to disturb current presenters.


All SPEAKERs will receive their CERTIFICATE of ATTENDANCE personally from the Session Chairmen at the end of the respective plenary session. If the SPEAKER has more than one presentation, he will receive the certificate after the last one.


All Virtual SPEAKERs, who gave a presentation during the plenary sessions, will receive their CERTIFICATE of ATTENDANCE in the post-conference period, sent via e-mail (in PDF format)


Helpful Downloads

:: PDF File Key Guidelines / PowerPoint Presentation :: PDF File
:: PDF File Key Guidelines / Record My Presentation with ZOOM.pdf
:: png File SGEM GREEN Logo / Download file



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