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Ready to be a Reviewer?

Would you be willing to act as a reviewer for abstracts and manuscripts, submitted to the International Scientific Conferences on EARTH & PLANETARY SCIENCES?

Welcome to Join!

We cordially invite you and your colleagues to participate in SGEM papers peer review process. Research scientists who are highly qualified in one or in more conference sections of the big scientific area – Earth & Planetary Sciences and have proven scientific publication record, are welcome to join the Reviewer department of the SGEM Scientific and Program Committee.


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The scope of the SGEM Conferences on Earth & Planetary Sciences combines 6 main sections: Science and Technologies in Geology, Exploration and Mining; Informatics, Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing; Water Resources, Forest, Marine and Ocean Ecosystems; Energy and Clean Technologies; Ecology, Economics, Education and Legislation Ecosystems; Nano, Bio, Green and Space - Technologies for a Sustainable Future (see all details here).

The Scientific and Program Committee select researchers, part of the Reviewers list, to be reviewers for every SGEM event.

If selected, you will receive invitation from the Scientific and Program Committee for paper’s peer review process. Then you will have an access to the Abstract & Manuscript Management System (AMMS).


A modern Abstract & Manuscript Management System (AMMS), will help each Reviewer to review and evaluate abstract and manuscripts in the easiest way in user-friendly environment. There will be a double blinded peer review - very important, in order to assure completely fair peer review process, without any conflict of interests.

The estimated criteria in the AMMS: Within scope, Originality, Structure, Title, Abstract/Introduction, Methods, Figures and Tables, Results, Conclusion, Language.


The reviewer as well as the Scientific and Program Committee will decide:

- If the author followed the paper’s guidelines?

- If the chosen conference section is the right?

- If the delegates, other lecturers and readers will find it interesting and useful?


Normally you would be expected to evaluate the paper according to the following:

- If the abstract is original or new?

- If the study design and methodology are appropriate and described so that others could replicate what is done?

- If the presented results are clearly and appropriately?

- If the conclusions are reliable and significant?

- If the work is of a high enough standard to be published in the Conference Proceedings and to be presented on the Conference?


The fair and timely review process done by the reviewers is the key factor for the selection of high-quality papers for presentation and publication. We greatly appreciate reviewers for their contribution to the success of the conference


  • - Educational qualification and degree in these fields – PhD and/or be Professor of accredited academic institution;
  • - Active researchers in the field of Earth & Planetary Sciences;
  • - Review experience in other Conference Proceedings or Journal in these fields;
  • - At least two or more recent publications in peer-reviewed journals or proceedings;


What will be your responsibilities?

- To reviewing the abstract/manuscript objectively and to contribute to the decision-making process from the Scientific and Program Committee;

- To assist in improving the quality of the published papers, in a timely manner;

- To maintain the confidentiality of any information supplied by the editor or author. To make copy of the manuscript is forbidden;

- To alert the Scientific and Program Committee for any published or submitted content that is substantially like (or similar) with the reviewed paper;

- To be aware of any potential conflicts of interest (financial, institutional, collaborative or other relationships between the reviewer and author) and to alert the Committee.


What will be your benefits?

- You will touch the high-level scientific papers in the fields of Earth & Planetary Sciences;

- You will refresh your knowledge and gain experience in the fields of Earth & Planetary Sciences;

- You will be involved in the peer review and decision-making process;

- You will be part of SGEM Scientific Committee – section Reviewers;

- You will receive a Certificate and will be included in the main Reviewers section of the SGEM WORLD SCIENCE (SWS) Society ( You will setup your reputation;

- You will earn points and will have special bonuses, if you want to publish papers in SGEM Proceedings and/or SGEM Journal of fields of Earth & Planetary Sciences (EPS).


What to do, if I want to apply for a Reviewer?

- Copy of your educational qualification and degree – PhD etc. in these fields;

- Proof for your review experience in other Conference Proceedings or Journal in these fields;

- Certificates for excellent English, if you are not English native speaking;

- Your recent photo (with proof) and your contact/address details.

- Excellent English (verbal and written) language;

- Wish to be part of the SGEM Scientific and Program Committee – section Reviewers.


If you think you could fulfill these requirements and you are interested in becoming a SGEM Proceedings reviewer, send us email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with all the needed documents as attached files. We are expecting you! Be part of the big scientific SGEM Society of Earth & Planetary Sciences.

If you are already a member of the big SGEM Conferences family, please write us the exact year, your published paper title and SGEM ID (preferably).

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